Top 5 Dirt Bike Accessories Under $100

Everybody wants to have a brand new, cool, and awesome dirt bike with luxury accessories. But, what if you want to put or modify a dirt bike accessories and you’re on minim budget? Don’t worry, there’s a lot of recommended accessories for a dirt bike that we could find on many sites such as shops and online shop.

Today, I want to share with you, the first five items that would buy for a dirt bike new or used if you had $100 for a dirt bike with its brand new or used to make your dirt bike take to the next level.

I’m not saying you have $100 to buy all the things. But, we’re talking about what you’re gonna buy an item around $100. Start with the first thing I would buy and we’ll just kind of move down the list from there but the way this whole article came about is we were just discussing work one day and we were kind of discussing what we would buy as riders.

1. Handlebars and Grips                            

So the first item that we gonna buy is handlebars. If you have a handlebar on your bike that you feel like no need to get a new handlebar, it’s gonna come down to rider preference, but for me anytime I hop on a new bike or use. The first thing that you should change is to make it more comfortable and make a bike is a set of bars.

Handlebars are also the most easily adjustable accessories on a dirt bike. If you feel uncomfortable while riding your dirt bike, switch out the bars to make it feel comfortable.

If you need to get new handlebars, use the ODI podium flight bars for a recommendation. There are many types of Handlebars that you can find depending on your height and grip distance. If you’re going to get new bars, don’t forget always to have a set of grips that will make you feel comfortable that you’re going to like with your hands. It’s a lot of different grips out there; we even have a buyer’s guide where we talk about the different options.


I’ve got the Emig v2 pros here the second edition nice soft compound if you’ve never used the lock-on grip. I like them a lot just because of how easy they install and remove no fire no safety glue so the first item I would buy if I had 100 bucks set of bars and grips.


2. One-Piece Handlebar     

The second item is a one-piece handlebar mount from ride engineering. The design of a one-piece handlebar is made from aluminum super high quality for strength, it’s lightweight as well. The good thing about this one-piece handlebar is to offer a good torsional strength to prevent the handlebars from twisting or tweaking when it got to crash.

One-Piece Handlebar standard size is about 7/8 bar diameter as well as 11/8 option for big bars. The mount size is 6mm of adjustment so you can adjust the amount to make it comfortable.

So especially in a race situation where you’re trying to save as much time if you do go down, I love having that one-piece bar mount just for that reason. We go down not gonna twist your bars as much. So that’s a second item I would buy there right about a hundred bucks is the one-piece handlebar mount from ride Engineering.

3. Front or Rear Tire  

The third item is a front and a rear tire for under a hundred bucks. Unless you can find an amazing closeout deal, but tires are important that’s what’s contacting the ground that’s what’s good what’s going to give you confidence as a rider help you get that traction. If you have a brand new bike probably don’t need to worry about it, but if there’s a tire that you just love you got to have it on your bike then go get that tire.

If you want to make your dirt bike tunning and suspension performance level goes up, and of course tires are the most important to make it work. Many types of tires that we could find it everywhere, but it depends on which kind of tires we want to use for such as riding from track to the dessert, sands, or singletrack mountain trails, etc.

Another tip is to select the type/character of tires that you’re going to be riding in. If you’re a motocross rider you going to go to the motocross tire but mostly, lots of people who are out riding trails or maybe desert that just have an intermediate motocross tire but might be better off with maybe a more trail-specific tire a hybrid tire or if you want to ride at the desert, there’s a lot of tires that are more cater toward desert so look at your tire condition decide if they do need to be replaced and if you’re gonna get a new tire on there maybe try and pick a tie that’s gonna be more suited for the typewriter that you do most often but that’s my third item is tires.

But the only thing you need is to look at the condition of your tires and just kind of replace which one needs to be replaced the most now. When it comes to the front and rear tires I’ll usually go through two maybe three rear tires before swapping out of front but that doesn’t mean you want to neglect your front tire, which one needs to be replaced the most that is going to give you more confidence as a rider.

4. Skid Plate                                                          

The fourth item is the skid plate. If it’s motocross or off-road, it’s always important to invest in good protection for your bike. Because, if we didn’t use skid plate, probably it would be messed up or even worst in cases.

It’s always a good idea to have a skid plate on there just to offer some protection for your bike right now I’ve got a chair boots off-road skid plate. It’s pretty suitable for motocross especially because it’s plastic it’s lightweight it’s not noisy. What’s cool about this skid plate is comes with an extension for a linkage guard. So if you’re doing more off-road riding, you want protection for your linkage that will come included but as far as skid plates go.

There’s a lot of different options out there you can do. Which is what most motocross guys are gonna run or carbon-fiber there’s also aluminum which is probably gonna be a little bit more heavy-duty for your real aggressive off-road riding ultimate it’s going to come down to you what you prefer, but that’s the fourth item I would get is a skid plate.

5. Footpegs

A fifth and final item that I would buy if I had $100 is footpegs. You know, stock bikes when it comes to footpegs they’re pretty good. Some of the newer bikes are even coming with oversized footpegs already but footpegs like any item on your bike they do start to wear down.

The cleats (Dirt Bike Shoes) start to get rounded off a little bit and for me, I like to have as much that stuck to the bike feeling as possible. If it feels like I got a lot of grip on my pegs, look at your footpegs’ condition and if they’re pretty rounded off.

Or if you want to upgrade to an oversized footpeg, there’s a lot of great options out there. The one that running this is the tusk billet aluminum footpeg. These are lightweight they’re oversized they offer a lot of traction. I like that the cleats on these are replaceable I’ve replaced the ones I have right now twice already so they do start to round off you can just put any ones on there and the price point on these they’re super inexpensive well under $100.

So personally, that’ll be my fifth and final item. It’s got some oversized footpegs on there; something’s gonna offer a little bit more traction you may have now that’s just going to give you more confidence as a rider. Those are my top five. Handlebars and grips now I go with that one-piece Mountain coming from Ride Engineering. The third items are going to be tires, the fourth skid plate get some protection on there my fifth and final is going to be footpegs.

Bonus tip for you because I’m sure a lot of you out there probably thinking, yeah levers would be on your list you can do a clutch or brake lever you can get breakaways but to get the both together it’s gonna be difficult to find a good combo for less than 100 bucks. If you want to save your money and not quite get levers yet.

Here’s a tip that you’ll notice on my bike , I have my levers push far in on the handlebars there are a couple of reasons that I do that. The first is that the farther out that I can grab my clutch lever. The more leverage that I’m getting towards the end so it makes a clutch pull easier.

So it’s a great tip if you get an arm pump to move your clutch lever in that’s gonna again just give them more leverage but also what’s nice about that is having those farther in on the handlebar prevent you from bending or breaking your levers if you have a crash or tip over I’ve had trust me plenty of tips over. Since I’ve gotten this bike these are the original levers I have yet to bend or break one and I credit that because I do move them so far in on the handlebars those are my top five hope you guys like them.

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