Have you ever heard about Motocross – The Most Physically Demanding Sport in the World? Well, I have read that some statistics showed a convincing result about the statement. It’s not a nonsense statement since we won’t find break time, rest period, bench seat, or such other thing (which are common in other sports) in a motocross race. Once a rider has entered a race, there’d be no other option but to bring it until the finish line because it won’t over unless it is truly over.

I’ve played baseball, football, soccer, golf, wrestling, track running, trail running, rock climbing, weight lifting, water skiing, Jet Skiing, snow skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. Each of these sports present their own challenges on the mind, the spirit, and the body. But in competitions where there is no break, no rest period, no bench seats, and “it ain’t over til it’s over,” those are the most physically demanding.

The Most Physically Demanding Sport in the World.

Most people think “oh you just sit and twist the throttle”, lol no. In motocross you use up to 60% of all your muscles, everything from your wrist to your shoulders to your ankles. Studies have shown that a full motocross race, which is about 25-30 minutes is close to sprinting as hard and as fast as you can for 25 minutes. Now this could just be me, but that is some damn good endurance if you can do that and place even top 10 in a race.

Usually, a motocross race consists of at least 2 or 3 qualifying races which each race runs between twenty minutes and forty-five minutes. The time length depends on the location/event/ or tracks. A rider continuously pulled in the clutch lever, changing gear, brake lever, also twisting the throttle, and bouncing around even sometimes it jumps through the air which suddenly the track also force the rider to pull the bike sideways through turns.

The conditions where every muscle does hard efforts in the body including critical brain use in a matter of seconds set this sport apart from most all other sports.

Someone who involves in the motocross race requires a great physical condition. A long-progress preparation is needed to get a rider through the race safely. Here, we would come up with some useful tips to make your – body and brain – ready for the race.

If you want to be successful in this sport, you’ll need to have a strict daily workout to get the greatest body shape such as swimming, weight lifting, running, and some manual exercises. Break your limits in every practice so that you can exert the least amount of energy for the longest amount of nonstop period and enable you to move fast on the track. It may take more than ten years of constant riding practice to take a rider into a professional motocross.

Only a skillful rider with amazing lightning-fast reflexes to make a change and movement in less than a second which is incredibly combined with high mental integrity who deserves to be the champion.

Besides all the mentioned incredible rider’s skill for getting the max level in motocross, this sport is the proof of human rule over a great powerful machine. It is very challenging both physically and mentally. While the other race may require a fine-condition track to minimize the risk, motocross runs over natural terrain with intended man-made obstacles.

Motocross creates a beautiful dancing art – when it whoops, jumps, or turns – featuring a strong rider conquering heavily-powered bikes to move harmonically. We can say that the rider’s factors are more considerable than the machine. That’s why the same specs of bikes may end in different race results when it has different quality of riders.

Although we can’t deny the fact that all top riders must come with a very well-prepared bike to win the skill battle. Well, probably giving you many words and explanations won’t give you a preciseness experience.

Motocross riders are proven to operate at a high cardiovascular intensity

You could never fully understand these dynamics unless you have experienced them for yourself, so here’s a study.

This study measured the heart rates of motocross racers while they completed both of the motos (each 30 minutes + 2 laps). The results found that for both the motos, the racers were operating at 94% and 96% (respectively) of their maximum heart rate.

This shows that there is an incredible cardiovascular demand for motocross. This beats out other similar duration high-demand sports such as mountain biking.

Imagine being near your maximum heart rate for nearly 40 minutes! I can’t think of a single other sport that requires non-stop action for 40 minutes where you are expected to perform at 100% for every one of those seconds.

At least you can conclude that it is close to saying that Motocross – The Most Physically Demanding Sport in the World.

So what do you think? Is motocross the most physically demanding sport? Or do you want to make a case for another sport? Share your experiences!